We often hear the question: How do I know I'm making a difference? It's hard to imagine that just one voice can make a difference. It's difficult to believe that you can reach and affect large corporations. But, with the recent explosion of social media networks, like Twitter, there's opportunity to communicate your thoughts and make your voice heard has become possible on new levels. At Climate Counts, we here to help you seize that opportunity.

Twitter pages allow users to question, call-out, or comment about companies' actions (or lack thereof). Your demand for climate action no longer has to languish in a stack of mail on an executive assistant's desk, or in a bloated e-mail inbox that nobody reads. It's instantly out there, in a public arena, in real time. It's seen not only for company reps - but by your friends and acquaintances around the world, so they might start tracking companies as well. And it doesn't stop there. Company reps can reply, friends can RT @, conversations get #, and a consumer movement takes off. All of a sudden one voice doesn't feel so small.

So where do you start? How to do you find these companies?

Climate Counts new Twitter tool has done some of the legwork by helping you find and follow companies, and tweet about their climate commitment. You'll find the Twitter handles for companies on their individual Climate Counts company pages. Click on the Twitter icon or select from the Twitter handles listed below, which link to companies Twitter accounts. Even if a company does not have a Twitter account, you can still speak out about that company's Climate Counts score to draw attention to what they doing or not doing to address the issue.

So get tweeting! And we'd love to hear from you about your thoughts and experiences as a change-maker. Follow us on Twitter: @climatecounts

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