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Anything cutting edge from the past decade has found a home on the Web. But how do the best known Internet companies stack up on climate protection? The Internet/Software sector employs an ever-growing number of people and reaches more and more consumers every day. Ten years ago, who might have guessed the impact companies in the sector would have on the way we work and communicate. But with their astounding influence in the marketplace, those companies have also had an impact on climate change far greater than you might have guessed. With the Internet/Software sector, innovation is the name of the game, but what these companies do about climate change may be among their most important ideas yet.

Climate Counts uses CDP’s highly regarded climate performance score as our primary indicator of company performance on climate change. The scoring ranges from “A” (best) to “E” (worst) and assesses the level of action taken on climate change evidenced by the company's CDP response. The methodology to score company performance has been developed by CDP with input from our scoring partners, responding companies, investors, NGOs and other partners.

For more information on CDP’s scoring methodology visit: www.cdp.net

Corporate climate leadership matters!

  • Let businesses know that climate does count. Want them to do better? Tell them. Excited about their leadership? Let them know that, too.
  • Of course, please support high-ranked companies when you shop and invest.
  • Tell your friends, colleagues, and family to join you in supporting companies that are taking responsibility for climate change.

Business has the power to change the world - and you have the power to change business. Is your favorite company STUCK, STARTINGSTRIDING, or SOARING? The race is on to address climate change. Look for our simple icons to help you support companies that reflect your values.

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